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Cape York Protection Services

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Security Services

We are a locally owned and operated family business that is leading the way in Far North Queensland’s security industry. When our clients choose to work with us, they are not only choosing an unparalleled service and ongoing support, but they are also choosing to support their local community.
Whether you’re a local NPA or Torres Strait Islands business, company, government agency or part of the tourism scene, we can offer you safer conditions, preventative solutions and a safer community overall. If you want to employ local to protect local, call the team you can trust for a free quote today!

24hr Mobile Patrols /
Alarm Response

The purpose of mobile patrols are to ensure your property, people and assets are as protected as possible. These patrols deter criminal activity, alert you to any suspicious behaviour and can even reduce your insurance premiums.

Static Security Guard

If you want to protect a specific location for four hours* or more on a temporary or permanent basis, then a static security guard is what you need. We can provide a professional static guard to you when and where you need one, giving your assets the best protection.

Event Control Security

Whether you’re planning a one-off event or you host regular functions, we can help you make all your events run smoothly, safely and comfortably for your attendees. Crowd controlling entails the prevention of anti-social or adverse behaviour by attendees of an event.

Port Protection Security Services

We can provide a maritime port protection service for a variety of clients. Our services include but are not limited to standard security measures maintained during normal business services. Protection of restricted land and waterside zones.

Cash in Transit Security

We offer cash in transit escorting services to protect your cash, your business and your staff. We can provide an around-the-clock service to banks, companies or businesses and even personal clients to guard cash or assets in transport or in-situ from potential theft.

Canine Security Assistance Service

If you want the absolute best in protection and detection, our canine assistance program might be for you. This involves a security guard with a dog handlers license operating with a canine.